Understanding empathy by looking inwards

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I am a drunkard — somewhere deep inside. But what you see on the face is a responsible man — comported, almost saintly, with a sparse history of…

The unspoken cynicism of 90% of married folk when you tell them about your big day

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“I am getting married!”

You burst out with delight as you share the good news with your god uncle and his wife. They respond with an expression you interpret as ‘pleasantly surprised’ and they both hug you. They ask about your potential partner and you are all too eager to…

… and different Gods

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Once there was the African man. He looked round and about him and searched deep within him and he found a reason to believe in a higher power beyond him.

That power that poured water from the skies and brought life to man, animal and the forests; the power in…

Short story. Fiction.

In the month of May, butterflies take to the skies with their wings in bloom; and flowers, tethered to earth envy them green. Naked children in their droves chase pigeons that leap and fly just a little farther off from their hopeful grasps. The landscape streams past the dirt-stained windows…

Enter at your own risk

Image Credit: Charles Deluvio on Unsplash.com

Religion is a house with a door that has a sign on it that says “Come in.” Beyond that door is a different world — of rules wrapped in doctrine that shouts “freedom” from shuttered mouths. A world that offers answers on one condition — that you pay the ultimate…

Osundolire Oladapo Ifelanwa

Architect. Writer. Aspiring Immortal

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