We’d just finished our final exams and everyone was excited to have finally completed those long Undergraduate years. A group of friends and I huddled at the entrance to our architecture studio chatting and having fun, when one of us asked the question,

“So what next? What do you guys…

I am standing on the road shoulder on a busy Lagos street street. The traffic stretches out turning a curve away from sight. Getting out of the gridlocked was the only thing on my mind.

Ubers were getting ridiculously expensive (especially in traffic) and so I decided to take a…

A man sitting on the drivers seat in a car and looking forward
Image Credit: Victor Xok on Unsplash.com

In the city of Lagos where there is no commuter route planning, and public transport is a nightmare, owning a car is a necessity and I am grateful I have one.

Most times as I travel from home to work, or my many other destinations across the city, I am…

Photo by Chetra Khieu on Unsplash

This piece was inspired by observing a colony of ants carrying a millipede up an anthill. I am an architect in real estate, and no millipedes were harmed in the writing of this piece.

What has this gotta do with real estate and investments?

Real estate as an investment class, has proven to be a veritable store of value the…

Image credit: freepik.com. Image author: master1305

I have two kids aged 4 and 7, and my parenting journey has been fraught with as much successes as failures. Some of those failures have sedimented into layers of regrets over the years, but I continue to look on the bright side of my many successes as each day…

Image credit: freepik.com

Resistance is that thing that happens when you sit at your desk with a clear task ahead. You know what to do and you know the intended outcome. You flex your arms and roll both shoulders simultaneously. Stretch out fully and crack your fingers. It is a daunting task you…

Osundolire Oladapo Ifelanwa

Architect. Writer. Aspiring Immortal

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